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Realizzazione in grafica 2D e 3D degli elementi di gioco, icone, pulsanti e altro per casual game.
Piattaforme iOS/Android. 2014.

Title graphics:

Title graphics - Version B:

Esempi di layout dei menu:

Login buttons:

Game / match buttons:




Low-poly 3D models - Ships:

Low-poly 3D models - Rocks:

Low-poly 3D model - Island 1:

Low-poly 3D model - Island 2:

Sea texture (animated/tileable/loopable) - portion:

Sea icons (miss/hit):

Lose screen:

Win p1/p2 screens:


Concept sketches:


Work in progress:

Modeling + UV setup: 3ds max 2014. Texture painting: Photoshop CC 2014.